You planned a fantastic event and the day has finally arrived. The lighting company is finishing their setup, the caterer is placing their tables, but you have a big issue. Where is the band?! You definitely booked one, but they haven’t arrived and they’re an hour late. When they finally do arrive, you get an insincere apology and an explanation as to why they didn’t think they actually needed to show up 2 hours before the event since they’re not playing until later. Sound like a typical headache?

            We understand your pain, and we go out of our way to eliminate it. Professionalism and experience are so important in the event-planning industry, and at Magnolia, we provide only the most professional and experienced musicians for your event. It all starts at the top. With over 30 years of professional music experience between them, owners, Zach and Simon, have seen almost anything you can throw at them. From a surprise choir at the event (yes, this happened) to a total change of venue, there isn’t much Magnolia has not seen first-hand.

Tired of unprofessional musicians and DJ’s? Contact us today and let us tell you more about our experience, day-of managers, and our great music solutions for your next event!


PHONE: 405-361-8541 (feel free to text us!)

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